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Hale Health, as the name suggests, means being ‪free from disease.  In the old English form of the word 'hāl' stands for whole.  Using the modern translation, a hale person is sound and retains exceptional health and vigor. We believe each of us has an optimum place of well-being, which is accomplished through both prevention and preservation.


At Hale Health our focus is on treating the root cause of your health problems, whether they are physical or emotional.  Our emphasis is on holistic naturopathic medicine, which treats the whole person and not just the symptom.  After all, none of us can be divided into parts that are independent from the whole (hāl).  By focusing on the cause of your health concern, issues are more likely to be resolved, and, therefore, less likely to reoccur.


Our practice is based on a simple approach that combines our medicinal skills and knowledge with your body's own ability to heal, using our guidance through the healing process. We utilize naturopathic modalities rather than pharmaceutical applications as our first course of treatment.  Treatment recommendations are comprehensive and personalized; our services include: IV therapy treatments, holistic pain management, naturopathic dermatological treatments, anti-aging, and addressing a host of general medical needs.  Hale and hearty still means healthy and strong and is the goal for each of our patients.

At Hale Health, some of the practitioners are independent, but we all work together for the patient's benefit offering diverse treatments. 

How to Find Us



We are located in Tualatin, OR just 10 minutes south of Portland, one mile from Bridgeport Village. Take I-5 south from Portland toward Salem, past the highway 217 intersection and then take EXIT 289 (Nyberg Rivers) toward Tualatin/Sherwood.  After 0.3 miles turn right onto SW Nyberg Rd.  After 0.2 miles turn right onto SW Martinazzi Ave.  Our location of 18813 SW Martinazzi Ave is on the left. See our contact page for a map. Upon arriving, please head straight back to the waiting room where the fire place and tea station is located. Your provider will be with you shortly. 


As of July 1, 2019 we are located at 1554 NE 4th St. Bend, OR 97701. The office is located inside Midtown Wellness where you will find plenty of parking in the lot behind the house or on the adjacent street. Please help yourself to tea or water. Hale Health is office # 6. 

                                     Patient Feedback


  • I underwent platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and it was amazingly effective. This treatment used my own blood, which was reduced to primarily platelets, to promote healing as opposed to using other methods available elsewhere. I particularly liked the idea of not introducing a foreign substance into my body. The procedure went very quickly and could not have been more convenient. In addition, the office is beautiful and the environment is very relaxing. I highly recommend Hale Health for PRP and any of the treatments they offer.



  • I received a wonderful treatment at Hale Health and look forward to my next visit! The doctors are warm and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking holistic healthcare.



  • I received platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections and biopuncture injections to my right knee. I have been in pain for over 25 years and have been avoiding knee replacement surgery. I was pain free within 2 days of the treatment and am still pain free 6 weeks later. I look forward to going back to Hale Health to have the same injections for my shoulder. The doctors are very kind and helpful, the clinic has a nice atmosphere.



  • I came to this clinic today and saw Dr. Erickson for the first time. I was really excited to walk away with a comprehensive plan, and I feel like I'm actually going to get somewhere with her help! The office is supercomfortable, and she really knows what she's talking about. I recommend her if you are looking for a naturopath in the Portland area.



  • I have been fighting an elbow injury for about 6 months. Wasn't that... serious until about 3 months ago when I even felt pain squeezing a water bottle or putting dishes away. I started Physical Therapy about that time and it got a little better. I taped it for WOD's and had to alter my workout almost daily. I was starting to get very down and depressed about it. My Crossfit coach then suggested I see Dr Constance Erickson and get biopuncture, which I did 1 week ago. MIRACLE... today I am nearly 100% pain free. I seriously can't believe how great it feels. I almost forgot what being pain-free felt like... it feels AMAZING... My only wish is that I would have started earlier... boy,it feels good... thank you Dr Erickson!


  • Dr. Brooks did a fantastic job. She was knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

-J. S.

  • Lovely clinic, warm and professional. I look forward to returning!     -H.P.


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