Consultation & Treatment Fee Schedule

 Consultation with a

Naturopathic Physician


Consultation fee depends on the time spent with the physician and the complexity of the office visit.

Price range is $100-$500.



*Additional fees apply for any procedures or supplies.




Consultation & Treatment

with an Acupuncturist



Lab Testing and Coverage

We offer comprehensive lab testing using blood, urine, stool and saliva. For testing that may be considered "experimental" by insurance, it is best to pay the lab directly and not bill your insurance. This includes food sensitivity testing, saliva hormone analysis, stool testing for (yeast, parasites, bacteria overgrowth) urine testing (hormone metabolites or heavy metals), genetic testing (like MTHFR). It is usually less expensive for prompt pay for these labs. 


Prior to having any testing done, you have the right to call the lab and verify pricing for what they may bill your insurance, inquire about insurance coverage for your plan or to ask what their prompt pay pricing may be. Have your physician give you a copy of the requisition form with the tests they may want to order. Please be in clear communication about what labs are being ordered with your physician. Hale Health is not responsible for lab billing, the lab company is who you will need to speak with for asking questions, verifying insurance and paying your lab bill. 

Insurance Billing and Coverage


*Want to bill insurance? At Hale Health, LLC we bill your health insurance and motor vehicle accident claims.  

*Patients will be responsible for any remaining balances due after insurance has been billed.  

*Patients are responsible for knowing his/her insurance coverage prior to any office visits or services rendered. 



*Payment in full is due at time of service for any consultation or

procedure that is not going to be billed to your insurance. 


For specific price questions, please feel free to email us.

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