It is our goal at Hale Health to provide high quality services with physicians and practitioners who have been highly trained in their field of study. We currently have five Naturopathic Physicians who are trained in the newest and most innovative naturopathic therapies, a Licensed Acupuncturist, a Licensed Massage Therapist and a nurse. All of the practitioners at Hale Health work together as a team to benefit each patient. Optimal health is achieved when multiple treatment modalities are utilized. To learn more about our practitioners, click on their name to read their biography. Some of the practitioners are independent of Hale Health, but we are diverse in our skills and work together for the patients benefit. 

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MVA, Motor Vehicle Accident
MVA, Motor Vehicle Accident
MVA, Motor Vehicle Accident

Arnell Davis, LMT|Licensed Massage Therapist  

Sports Massage, Training & Injury Recovery 

Claudia Perfecto, RN, MAcOM, LAc.|Licensed Acupuncturist

Se habla español, Shiatsu Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping 

Open Monday-Saturday By Appointment Only

Phone: (503) 765-5265 

Fax: (503) 925-3222


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