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Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Preventative: Naturopathic medicine is unique in that it helps you feel better now, while also working to preserve your health in the future. The techniques used for treatment assist the body's natural ability to heal and promote restoration and long-term health. 

  • Holistic: Naturopathic medical philosophy involves treatment of the patient as a whole person. In the conventional medical model, each symptom that the patient presents with is treated separately. In naturopathic medicine, the overall symptom picture is addressed in order to discover the root cause of the patient's health concerns. Naturopathic physicians do a lot of detective work to determine how symptoms correlate with one another and what it is that is causing the disharmony (symptom presentation) to happen in the first place. Therefore, naturopathic treatment addresses what is causing the patient's symptoms, rather than just the symptoms themselves. Treating the root cause prevents the same complaints from recurring again and again and promotes optimal health.   

  • Individualized: Everyone is different. Therefore, treatments should be individualized. Naturopathic physicians take the time to understand you as a person and work with you to develop a plan that suits your particular needs.

  • Below is a sample of a few of the services we provide. 

Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutrition can come in many forms. The foods we eat, and many of the supplements we take, are forms of nutrition. The body is very complex and in order for many of the biochemical pathways in the body to function optimally, the proper level of nutrients has to be available.

Optimizing nutrient intake will give your body the fuel it needs to maintain health and for you to look and feel your best. Ask us about our proven weight loss programs!

Treatment of Chronic Skin Conditions

Skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and more can be treated effectively using naturopathic approaches. Chronic skin conditions are very often caused by the body’s inability to detoxify through proper channels, so as a last resort, detox occurs through the skin.

The imbalance is almost always internal rather than on the surface of the skin. This is why taking a holistic approach to treatment, and discovering the root cause of the problem, is often much more effective in the long-term than just treating the skin itself.

Biopuncture & Neural Prolotherapy 

for Chronic & Acute Pain

The use of biological injections can benefit patients who complain of chronic pain and have tried other treatments with little success. Biopuncture is most commonly used to treat pain of the shoulder, back, knee, wrist, and ankle joints. It can also benefit those who have had to stop taking conventional

medication because of side effects.

This treatment can also be used to

treat allergies and as an adjunct to

detox therapy and weight loss


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Naturopathic Manipulative Technique

NMT is a technique similar to the chiropractic technique of joint manipulation. Restoring normal movement in the joints is an important component to reducing chronic pain.

Bodywork: Acupuncture & Massage

Many techniques that work with the soft tissues of the body have been found to be helpful in reducing pain.

These techniques originate from various fields and they all involve unique ways of releasing muscular tension and trigger points.

Botanical & Herbal Medicine

Botanical and Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries as a very effective approach for the treatment and management of a diverse array of common conditions and symptoms.

Diagnostic Procedures

Ordering lab work helps to establish a baseline of health. We offer a wide range of laboratory testing to assist the physicians in narrowing down the possible cause of your condition. We offer nutritional testing, basic lab work, hormone testing, urinalysis and urine testing for heavy metals and liver pathway detoxification profiles and blood tests for food sensitivities, etc.



Nutritional IV Therapy

Imaging can also be ordered if necessary.

IV Therapy: Many

patients with acute

and chronic illnesses

have difficulty with

absorbing nutrients

through digestion. IV

therapy infuses nutrients directly into the body while bypassing the digestive tract. Amazing results are obtained once patients begin to receive the nutrients their body needs.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points are areas of the muscle that can cause pain to radiate to other areas of the body. Injecting a solution into these points can prompt the body to heal the area and for the trigger point to dissolve.








For example, individuals often have trigger points in their upper backs that cause pain to radiate up their neck and even cause headaches. Injecting into the trigger point causes it to dissolve and the result is often that the headaches disappear completely.

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