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By Appointment Only


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

Sunday Closed

Call or Text: 503-765-5265  Ext. 0

Fax: 503-925-3222

Address: 15280 NW Central Dr. #200

Portland, OR 97229

Located inside Bethany Chiropractic

About the Bethany location:

At Hale Health in Bethany we have one practitioner who is a naturopathic physician with a primary focus on pain treatments and aesthetics. 

Dr. Constance Erickson has been practicing since 2013, and is a licensed naturopathic physician that works with patients individually, offering a variety of treatments. 

These treatments include: 

  • Regenerative injections for musculoskeletal pain

  • Nutritional therapies such as nutrient injections

  • Cosmetic treatments for spider veins (sclerotherapy) 

  • Micro-Current skin rejuvenation (plant-based stem cells) 

Dr. Erickson also offers regular naturopathic consultations for food sensitivities, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, weight-loss, and general well-being.

Laboratory testing may include the following: hormones, food sensitivity and specialized gastrointestinal health testing are a few of the laboratory options. All standard lab testing and medical imaging will be referred to a phlebotomy location or imaging facility. 

Insurance Billing: We offer insurance billing, but this does not guarantee coverage by your insurance company, nor does it guarantee payment by the insurance company. Insurance does not cover

cosmetic treatments. 

It is always best to verify coverage with your insurance company prior to any appointments. It is the patient's responsibility to verify insurance coverage. 

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